Flight School

Instrumental rating


Session I

  • Back to altitude, height and flight level
  • Wake turbolence
  • Instrumental Flight Rules
  • Radio Navigation Systems (VOR-NDB-LOC-GS)

Session II

  • Navigation Instruments (DME-ADF-OBS-RMI-Autopilot)
  • Procedures to intercept and follow radials, ArcDME, QDM, QDR

Session III

  • Practical local Training

Session IV

  • Minimum altitudes and levels (first part)
  • Holdings

Session V

  • Practical local Training

Session VI

  • Minimum altitudes and levels (second part)
  • Category of aircraft for approach procedures
  • Approaches and charts reading

Session VII

  • Practical local Training

Session VIII

  • CVSM, RVSM, FRAIT and secimicircular rules

Session IX

  • Practical local Training

Session X

  • RNAV&PBN Basics
  • Airways
  • RAD
  • In-flight icing

Session XI

  • FlightPlan
  • Plan a Flight
  • CFMU Validation

Session XII

  • Practical local trainings

Session XIII

  • Theorical Check
  • Pratical Check

Commercial rating


Single Session

  • Introduction to FSEconomy
  • Select the assignements by plane
  • Select the right plane for the right assignement
  • Search tools
  • Fuel estimation and related considerations
  • The FSE plugin
  • Aircraft aliases
  • FBOs owned by SkyClub and related considerations
  • Aircrafts owned by SkyClub and considerations

Air Traffic Control rating

? required

Session ?

  • To be determined