Sky Club Italia

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Sky Club Italia was born from the passion of a group of friends for the flight simulation with the purpose to promote and share the same passion.

Because of this we call it a club and not an airline.

It is a club certified and active on the IVAO simulation network, Italian Division, that performs group activities like trainings, events and turistic flights to:

  • train virtual VFR pilots to make them aware of how much this practice can give and sufficiently skilled to taste its flavours;
  • promote VFR flights on the IVAO network focusing but not limiting to the Italian Division;
  • and in such context, supporting ATC trainings and exams, flying these events, and the IVAO ranking of our pilots.

For these purposes, Sky Club Italia provides through its virtual flight school, all the required resources to improve ourselves as virtual pilots, and through its internal ranking system, the self awareness of each one capabilities. This path, driven by our principles and goals, aims to prepare our pilots accordingly to the Italian Division standards, allowing them to give back their acquired experience to the school. Our main location where the first flights with the Sky Club callsign will happen, is the aerodrome of Perugia (LIRZ).

It is the passion that keeps us together, all together.

See you soon.



Joining Sky Club Italia is free but must be approved by the CEO or by 2 Vice Presidents and it could be subject of an interview; members of the club are, of course, free to leave without any forewarning but the courtesy to be notified is very appreciated.


  1. Collaboration and mutual aid are the principles of the group, then, unrespectful behaviours will not be tolerated: respect
  2. CEO and staff assembly are fully responsible, all together, for each decision, including expulsion of members
  3. Members agree to comply the limitations placed by the club on the IVAO network
  4. In case funding is needed it is automatically implied:
  • there is not any known free solution to the problem
  • totally free to adhere or not, no future blame
  • totally free to chose the amount
  • all the collected money is used to solve the problem

Limitations on the IVAO network

  1. It is required to read, accept and respect the IVAO network rules and regulations
  2. The mission statement of the club is to virtually fly using VFR: it is not possible to use the club callsign for IFR flights unless authorized, temporary or permanently, by the staff assembly.
  3. In relation to the IVAO limitation #2, club callsign can be used only with single engine pistons, multi engine pistons and helicopters (regardless the engine); no turbine engines are allowed (prop, like KingAir200 or jet like A320) unless authorized, temporary or permanently, by the staff assembly.
  4. Novice and Student pilots are not allowed to attend IVAO ATC exams with the club callsign
  5. Novice pilots, using the club callsign, are allowed to perform only traffic patterns, any other online activity must be agreed with the tutor which becomes responsible
  6. Novice and Student pilots are not allowed to fly abroad using the club callsign, any other online activity must be agreed with the tutor which becomes responsible
  7. Inactive IVAO users will be removed also from the club
  8. Each member grants, traking the flightplan, at least 2 hours per week
  9. The flight plan should include a remark to show the internal club rank


Joining Sky Club Italia implies the full acceptance of this rules and regulations document.


Our flight school is about VFR flights, providing the required documentation that everyone can consume at his own pace, in order to achieve our modules.


Gradual learning path divided into three sections to prepare our pilots to take to the skies in any situation


Internal graduation that separates each of our pilot by degree of competence


Insights and specializations for our pilots for a 360-degree competence


To join Sky Club Italia it is needed to request the access to the facebook private group where the request will be handled by the staff.
We think it is not a big deal to have a facebook account, in case just for this only purpose. It is also possible to join Sky Club Italia dropping a message in our forum.
The request should be a very small intro of the candidate.



Detailed view of the internal organization


Detailed list of our pilots


Weather utility for wind and precipitation


List of our internal tours

Flight Log

List and details of our flights


Extra stuff or collaborations